Arcadia Residence

Investing in Kosovo is not only about setting up branches and starting new businesses. Interested investors can join ADLER HOLDING LLC in Arcadia Residence, a residential construction spanning 2 square kilometers. Coming soon…

Business Services

When you invest in Kosovo or the Western Balkans, whether you are in need of a lobbyist, consultant or lawyer, or if you are looking for a virtual secretary and office space, we are a one-stop-shop to address all your business needs. Among others, ADLER HOLDING LLC can provide various: Investment support (research & development, […]

Arcadia Apartments

For those clients who seek to invest in Kosovo in a safe but high-return business venture, Arcadia Apartments is the 20,000 square meter opportunity of premium real estate in Prishtina. Coming soon…


Invest in Kosovo or the Western Balkans, knowing that you can rely on top of the line business consulting in: Business Development Marketing & Sales PR & Advertising Legal & Finance Business Intelligence

The internet’s most popular recipe portal in the Albanian language, welcomes more than 5 million monthly hits and is a project of ADLER HOLDING LLC. Gjellaime is an investment of our company in the health and well-being of the people of Kosovo and other Albanian-speaking territories.


Kosovo’s No.1 lobbying and advocacy services are at home at ADLER HOLDING LLC. We support and protect your investment in Kosovo by making sure all the policy and legislative barriers are dealt with in the most professional and ethical manner possible.